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Everything you ever wanted to know about Recollect!


Why is LIANZA using Recollect?

LIANZA is using Recollect for two reasons - firstly to showcase our organisational heritage in a way that you can interact with and comment on it - adding your own memories and helping us capture our rich history.

Secondly to allow us to publish work like Future of Libraries and Libraries Aotearoa because you can comment, discuss, feedback, and input your own ideas.   We think this is hugely important for these projects because we want them to be living entities - not static formal reports.


How can I interact with the site?

In lots of ways - but note you have to be logged in to do this - if you missed your email about how this was set up get in touch with our office ( to get added.


You can:

- Tell us a story about what you're up to in your library or about community engagement that has worked for you.  Just click on contribute in the side bar, select Tell us your story and fill out the fields.

- Let us know an action you're taking to help take libraries into the future.  Again just click on contribute in the side bar, select FoL action and fill out the fields.

- Tag someone in a photograph.  You can only do this on images - just click on the tag icon on the right hand side of the screen and then click on the photo.  You can then enter the person's name - give it time as often the person may already be in the system.

- Add your own recollection or comment - you can add your on memories, comments, thoughts, and feedback to almost any item.   If this is possible on the screen you're on there will either be a comment box at the bottom of the page, or you can scroll down on the right hand bar and click on add recollection.


We'd also love to hear from anyone who is experienced in Recollect (or who wants to be) to help us administer the site.  Email us at the office ( and we'll get this done for you.


Can you tell me more about tagging?

Tagging lets us capture who was in the photograph or key details about an event such as location.   Once we get our older images onto the site this will become increasingly important for us, as the current office team and executive may not know who everyone is.


I've been tagged and I don't want to be - help!

Not a problem - just email the office ( and we'll make this information private for you immediately!