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One Knowledge Network

As an information service supporting a nation of curious minds we will ensure that every resident of Aotearoa New Zealand has equitable access to the knowledge they need to succeed.



On October 16th we met with representatives and stakeholders in the sector to get commitment to taking the Future of Libraries Agenda forward. Two concepts surfaced during our Future of Libraries Summit and keep resurfacing in conversations we have about the direction of the sector – the need for greater collaboration and the one library card.


Through our conversation and dialogue it became obvious to those of us present at the discussion that the One Library Card idea was actually a symbol of a much bigger and more ambitious idea  that has been threading its way through conversations on the Future of Libraries: that by working together we can provide a more meaningful and equitable service than we can apart. Then we took it further – instead of One Library Card, why not One Library ?   By that we don’t mean a single homogenous institution that we are all a part of – we want to maintain our diversity and identity.


So if it doesn’t mean a single institution, what does One Library mean? It means ONE KNOWLEDGE NETWORK.


·         Access to information anywhere, anytime, for everyone

·         A library in all communities across Aotearoa New Zealand through shared infrastructure (i.e. supporting schools to provide this service where   there are no public libraries)

·         A seamless interface for New Zealanders (but maintaining the same diversity behind the scenes that we have currently)

·         A reimagined funding model with centralised government funding and local contributions


Please share this information, add your comments, and connect with the people who were present to keep the momentum of this discussion going. We want to know what you think about the potential of this project, and any insights you might have on turning this dream into a reality.